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Responsive Web Design in Harrogate

Responsive Web Design

So you want a web site, but when you look into creating this site you find that you need to employ a professional web design company to produce it for you, however most of these companies seem to be charging exorbitant prices for creating web sites, you don’t really understand the technical jargon, and aren’t sure if you are getting a fair deal. Working from my home office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire I have designed many websites for my clients who vary from the small sole trader, to NHS trusts and large multi-national companies.

All new websites are designed using responsive principles, so they can be viewed and are user friendly on all devices (including smartphones, tablets and computers), some designers will create a separate "reduced" website but this is definitely the wrong way to go, your visitors on any device expect a similar user experience, and your branding should always be consistent cross-device. Not to mention the added problem and costs of updating 2 websites, by having one website which responds / adapts to the device it is viewed on, you can avoid these pitfalls and be sure your website is fit for purpose going forward.

Your site can be created, after an initial consultation to discuss your exact requirements, I will provide you with a guaranteed quote for the work. Demystifying the whole process for you and cutting through the technical jargon, looking at your business and helping you to decide what you need, and explaining why a certain design is right for you.

My web design services can be fine tuned to your requirements. Whether you require a simple website a fully bespoke multi-page site, or a wordpress driven website you can update yourself. I can help.

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