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Freelance Web Developer from Harrogate

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Freelance Contracting as a Web Developer

I am also available as a Freelance Web Developer and work with other Web Designers and Graphic Design Agencies on a regular basis, these have included Mawbray Web Design, RH Marketing, Eden Agency, The Lift Agency & Pemco Creative

Currently I have spare capacity and I'm actively seeking to collaborate with other companies.

I work either on a retainer where I work a set amount of time for your business each month, or also by quoting on a job by job basis. I have worked both remotely and on-site at agencies.

Creating Websites from Flat Designs

Usually, a Graphic Design Agency would provide their design as a series of pdfs or jpgs which I would then use to create a fully functioning responsive website for them, these contracts are quoted for on an individual basis, and are usually bespoke websites in HTML / PHP / JS / SASS / CSS. I have also created custom wordpress sites using custom themes and ACF pro


  • responsive web design, bootstrap, css grid & flexbox
  • semantic, accessible html
  • css
  • scss - itcss/bem methodology
  • javascript, jquery
  • wordpress - custom themes, simple plug-ins, advanced custom fields integration
  • some php, i.e wordpress & reading writing from MySql databases etc, but not a back end programmer really, no frameworks
  • git version control