Web Hosting

Website hosting starting from £100pa

Professional Business Web Hosting is required to ensure your site is always available and doesn’t go offline or generate errors, The Host Server is the computer which holds the files making up your website. This computer is permanently connected to the internet, and is set up in such a way that it allows anybody to access your website.

There are many different hosting packages around, and also many factors to take into account when deciding on a host, some of these factors include :

  • Server Availability
  • Server Bandwidth
  • Server Security
  • Server Stack – Support for technologies used by website
  • Level of Support provided
  • Cost

My servers run Linux Ubuntu supporting PHP MySQL hosting prices start from £100pa for basic websites.

WordPress hosting / maintenance accounts starting from £200pa

Once your WordPress website has been created it will need to be maintained to ensure it remains secure, as WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, it does sometimes become a target for hackers

The most vital protection against this is to ensure that your 1) Your site has been installed properly on the server and permissions set appropriately 2) Your WordPress version and any plug-ins are always updated to the latest versions 3) You regularly monitor your site and have regular backups, just in case the worst should ever happen.

I can host your WordPress website and will carry out automatic backups and security updates for you, as standard on any of my WordPress sites I install security plugins which help secure your installation and also monitor your site in real-time informing me of any issues.