Domain Names

What is a domain name and why do I need one ?

Your domain name is your web address. Computers on the internet use an individual number called an IP address to contact each other, Domain names are a human friendly code which is used to refer to these IP addresses transparently, what happens is as follows, when you type a domain name into the address bar of your browser (such as it connects to a DNS server to look up the IP address for the relevant domain name, then you are transparently transferred to that website.

In practice this means you can go directly to any website you want to view just by typing in this domain name, if domain names didn’t exist and you wanted to do this you would have to type in the IP address which would be something along the lines of

These domain names have become important marketing tools, Companies want an easy way for their customers to find their website, if they are lucky enough to be able to purchase their company name as a domain name, all their advertising which already publicises this name helps to promote their website as well.

What are generic domain names ?

As more and more domain names are bought it has become harder to purchase the one you want (only one company or person can register each one), one of the ways around this is to register a generic domain name, such as a slogan or brand name, as long as this branding is strong it will attract as many hits as using your company name, in any event your domain name should always be strongly featured in any advertising you undertake.

Multiple Domain Names

Many customers register multiple domains for several reasons, these can be to seperate areas of their business into different websites, to protect brand names and trademarks, or prevent competitors from purchasing similar or competing domains. This makes good business sense as domains are still a relatively cheap item, if you had your company website on would you really want a competitor to register and risk your customer going to their website by mistake.

How can I help ?

I can register your domain name for you and point it at your website, just £20.00 secures your, or £40.00 if you prefer .com for a period of 2 years including web forwarding, 1 mailbox or e-mail forwarding as standard, or alternatively if you require multiple mailboxes and website hosting I can arrange your domain name as part of your web design / hosting package.