Born in the 1960’s before man had landed on the moon, the Internet wasn’t even on the horizon when I was at school. So after leaving school I began an unfulfilling career in retail and then followed several different roles at a local plastics moulding company in Knaresborough. With the arrival of (very expensive) home computers, In the 80’s I was bitten by the technology bug and had joined the many code kids entering lines of basic onto my Sinclair ZX81 and saving the programs onto a cassette tape. Soon investing (the first of many £1,000’s) in an Olivetti Windows PC with dual 5 1/4in floppy disk drives.

By the 1990’s I was already designing systems at work mainly in VBA for Microsoft Office and invested in an Open Learning course, doing my City & Guilds in Computer applications programming in Turbo Pascal, then moving on to Cobol. But exciting changes were on the technology horizon, the arrival of the internet in the 1990s saw me signing up with AOL for a super fast 56kb dial-up connection. I was fascinated by the WWW and by the late 1990s I had my first mac and was experimenting with very simple table based HTML web design.

Another exciting development was coming in 2001 with the arrival of triplets, it was no longer a viable option for me to continue working night shifts as a team leader, so after some financial soul searching I finally took the plunge and went self-employed as a web designer.

With 15 years in the website business I have been there for the roller coaster ride, beginning with Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 designing table-based websites, I finally found I leant more towards the back-end PHP/MySql side of the industry, but have always been a full stack developer fully capable with Photoshop, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MySql, HTML and CSS. Finally in the days of Adobe CC and several Macs later I have developed or collaborated on probably hundreds of websites and been involved in several exciting product launches including developing a restaurant time-dependent discount booking system from scratch, several company valuation and recruitment websites, an NHS website relating to Diabetes, to name a few. Recently I have been involved in creating Bootstrap-based responsive websites, and also with creating my own Bootstrap based / WordPress templates to use for my future websites.

In my spare time my hobbies continue to be spending crazy amounts of money on phones/tablets and macs as an early adopter, (amazed that my watch now has more computing power than had put that man on the moon), watching Leeds United, (unfortunately recently) and in the last few years I have developed a love for hill walking, (probably to try avoid the football scores on Saturday), in December 2014 I decided to challenge myself to walk 1,000 miles the following year, in November 2015 I completed the challenge finally succeeding in walking 1,045 miles that year and raising nearly £700 for Parkinson’s UK, losing 5 stones in weight along the way – see